Melissa Nuñez

San Diego, CA | 619-919-3628
dataismeta@gmail.com | TheZenDev.com


Qualcomm | Software Developer - Intern

Jun 2018 - Sept 2018

The wireless projectors that are currently deployed in all QC conference rooms require frequent reboots and the AV team wanted to provide on-site users the ability to reset these devices as needed. The current implementation requires a physical device installation with each projector. The AV team wanted to avoid the additional cost of $600 - $1000 per conference room by eliminating the need for a physical device to be installed with each projector. I worked with the ITOMA team to create a new API to interact with the port and switch, thus saving the company approximately $600,000 in upgrades.

Technologies used:

C#, AWS, Docker, HTTP Requests, Git, Restful APIs, Jira, Nuget, NPM

Brass 9 Design | Jr Web Developer

Jul 2017 - May 2018

My primary tasks were dedicated to creating and updating the UI content of Razor web pages. My secondary tasks included making updates to the database that required new account information, to create contest and member registration forms, and the implementation of UI functionality. Lastly, I created a SquareSpace site for a client which can be seen here.

Technologies used:

Visual Studios, MVC, Razor Pages, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Git Bash, GitLab, TortoiseGit

HoursLogger.com | Web Developer - Intern

Jun 2017 - Jul 2017

I worked as an intern for 4 weeks, at which time I worked on an application that would provide existing members with additional account information upon login.

Technologies used:

Ruby on Rails, Redis, HAML, Git

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